The Motto: “Leaders Out Front”

The Rally Point: 69th Rangers Council Facebook Group

69th Rangers Council members provide much needed leadership within the scout group. This is the group of men and women who are scoutmasters (SMs) and assistant scoutmasters (ASMs) in their own right. They, together with their scouts in their section’s age group, plan, and execute the mission of robust, outdoor and all-weather, inclusive scouting. The Council relies on support from the Auxiliary and other Rovers who aid and assist in organizing our larger scout adventures and service projects. This extra help really makes a huge difference, and allows section leaders to focus on our mission: Traditional Scouting, for everyone.

The 69th just launched its Council in 2016 and we are looking for volunteers with the motivation and skills to support our mission and growth. If you have a skill or experience you would like to share with our scouts, or if you want to support our scouts at their monthly meetings, please email  the 69th Rangers.

BPSA Scout Group Structure