Otter Raft

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Otter Motto: “Busy and Bright” – Otter is the youngest section of BPSA scouting, for kids ages 5-7. Otters learn useful family skills, community skills, and learn to play safely together while being introduced to scouting and preparing for the Timberwolf program. The Otter section is known as the Raft with 32-40 scouts, and is sub-divided into Dens made of 8-10 children. 69th Ranger Otters have been true to their motto since the 69th was founded in 2014. They rarely meet indoors unless a task requires a sheltered place. Otters have visited many of southeast Idaho’s natural areas, returning at different times of the year to witness the changes each season brings to a familiar place. Each year, 69th Otter scouts collect items and assemble kits for local family shelters.

Otter Raft Rally Point: 69th Otters Facebook Group


Meetings: 1nd and 3th Sundays of the month, 10-noon or 1-3 (depending on Den)








Otter Uniform

  • Shirt: red long-sleeve jersey with no collar, sleeves rolled up or down
  • Pants: Either long style cargo pants or shorts of an approved color: khaki or tan
  • Hat: red ball style cap with the Otter Badge centered on the front
  • Necker: of the group’s colors, worn with a ring or slide at the throat
  • Socks: any plain color (not white)
  • Shoes: brown or black
  • Belt: Brown webbing or leather

Join the BPSA 69th Rangers Scout Group using the New Scout Registration Form:

The BPSA-US Quartermaster has a good overview of Otter uniforms and patches. Note that the 69th Rangers Quartermaster stocks most of these items and there isn’t a need to order them from Texas.

Friends of the Forest, the story on which the Canadian Beaver program is built (and subsequently, our Otter program).

A Book for the Eager Beavers, a companion story to Friends of the Forest.

Registration Update,  1 September 2017: The 69th Otter Raft does currently have room for new scouts. As always we are looking for parents interested in helping to lead Otter Dens.