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The Motto: “Service”

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Rovers are the senior branch of Baden-Powell Scouting, intended for adults over the age of 17 who wish to remain uniformed members of a scouting section. As Robert Baden-Powell originally intended, there is no upper age limit. Rovers are organized into self-governing Crews as part of an overall Scout Group. The Rover motto is simply “Service,” and it is put into practice both in the Group and the community.

Most 69th Ranger Rovers are active leaders in one of our three youth sections or serve on our Group’s Auxiliary. All BPSA leaders are required to be registered as Rovers to provide them with a more solid background in Scouting. The Rover crew is sub-divided into Patrols; Currently the High Adventure Intro (HAI) and High Adventure Alpinists ( the Blue Barracudas).

Join the BPSA 69th Rangers Scout Group using the New Scout Registration Form:


Section Schedule Meetings
Rovers: First Wednesday of month. Time: TBA

Rover Uniform
The BPSA-US Quartermaster carries all uniform items and patches. Note that the 69th Quartermaster stocks most of these items and there isn’t a need to order them from Texas. Registration with the 69th includes a Rover handbook, all patches needed initially and earned thought the year, and the tri-color Cascadia neckerchief (when earned/invested).

  • Headwear Options – Campaign hat: dark brown felt, flat-brim, four-dent, with hat band (see below). Portland Outdoor Store carries preferred style.Campaign hat: dark brown felt, with hat band (see below). Portland Outdoor Store carries preferred style.Beret: green wool with BPSA hat pin or WFIS patch.Hat Band
    1″ to 1.5″ brown leather with a fleur-de-lis stamp or emblem somewhere upon it. Creativity encouraged when making your own, or a vendor we have used is Larry Sullivan (Picketwire).
  • Shirt: Safari/Bush-style dark green long-sleeve work shirt with two front pockets (flap w/ buttons) and shoulder epaulets.
  • Pants: Either long-style cargo pants or shorts of an approved color: khaki, green or gray. No jeans or camo fatigues. Kilts level up the awesome.
  • Belt: Khaki or brown webbing belt.
  • Neckerchief: 36″ square “necker” of the group’s color(s), worn with a ring or slide (“woggle”) at the throat.
  • Socks: Knee length, worn turned down at the knee with green tabbed garter showing on outside with shorts, of approved color: dark blue, khaki, green, or gray.
  • Shoes: brown or black

69th Neckerchief

Rover Handbook – BPSA developed guide for Rover Scouts.
Mini Guide to Rovering – BPSA’s short guide to scouting as a Rover
Scouting for Boys – external link to a PDF version
Rovering to Success – external link to a PDF version